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Moving to Dublin? Changing Clubs? Getting Back to Rugby? New Sport? New Friends? Join Railway!

Railway is an inclusive, community-based rugby club and caters for players of all abilities, backgrounds, nationalities and gender. 

  • We have members from a huge number of countries and from every province and almost every county in Ireland, so if you are moving to Dublin from overseas or from ‘down the country’, you’ll find a home from home in Railway.  Plus you get to tog out in our annual ‘Dubs vs Culchies’ match!
  • If you are frustrated or gone stale in your current environment, Railway can provide a fresh challenge and allow you to reach your potential.
  • If you’ve played rugby before and have taken some time out, Railway is a good place to start back.  We have teams to cater for all abilities and fitness levels, plus the ability to progress as you get back into it.  If you’ve been out because of injury, our Player Welfare programme is second to none.  You will be functionally assessed, prescribed a rehab programme if required, and will be cleared before being allowed to play.  This will give you the piece of mind you need to give 100%.
  • If you’d like to take up rugby for the first time, we have the coaching structures and teams in place to teach you the game and help you progress.

Plus, you’ll meet a huge circle of new male and female friends.

Read more of what we can offer you as a player at Railway: here  

Read more of what we can offer your child as a player at Railway: here

Read more of what we can offer you as a member or volunteer at Railway: here

If you’d like talk about what Railway can offer you, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.